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Community Ministry Grants


To provide a visible commitment of resources to organizations that affirm the Community of Christ mission of the pursuit of peace, reconciliation and healing of the spirit.

1. Any group may apply regardless of religious affiliation however, their work must be grounded in peace and justice.
2. Innovative and creative projects that initiate long-term activities to change unjust conditions or promote peace and justice.
3. Projects that promote ethnic and cultural diversity, cooperation and trust.
4. Projects that directly benefit a large number of people rather than a few individuals.
5. Projects in which the people most affected participate actively in the planning and implementation of the project.

1. Grant applicant must be a charitable organization
2. The applicant's mission and/or proposed project must be in harmony with the COMMUNITY OF CHRIST Mission Statement and Enduring Principles.
3. Grants may be awarded for general operating expenses and special projects.
4. Preference for funding will be given to applicant organization which involve individuals from the St. Paul congregation.
5. Lower priority will be given to projects that provide direct services, or are strictly educational or academic.


1. Grants will be awarded at the end of the year, subject to budgetary limitations.

2. Applications will be reviewed by the Outreach Ministries Coordinator.

3. The grant recommendations of the Outreach Ministries Coordinator will be brought to the Congregational Leadership Team for final action.

4. To avoid a conflict of interest, Leadership Team individuals involved in any with applicant organization will not vote on award to be granted.

Community Ministry Grant Established 1998

Guidelines updated in 2001 to reflect name change to Community of Christ

Guidelines updated in 2017 to reflect broader outreach for applications

If you have any questions, please email us at

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